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EXCITING: Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million

EXCITING: Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million
foto: La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno/Mermec Saves Ferrosud Plant by Investing EUR 40 million
24 / 11 / 2022

Mermec invests EUR 40 million to produce electric diagnostic trains capable of reaching 200 kilometers per hour through the power grid and 120 kilometers per hour on battery power at the Ferrosud plant in Matera.

Mermerc, a company specializing in advanced technologies for rail transport with headquarters in Monopoli, confirms through Vito Pertosa, president and controlling shareholder of Angel Group, its interest in acquiring the factory located in the Jesce industrial area. It would thus relaunch one of the symbolic factories of the industry of the city of the Sassi that, before entering the tunnel of crisis with the turnover of numerous entrepreneurial entities, exported technologies and carriers all over the world. And Mermec, fresh from a prestigious order acquired in Belgium in making electric diagnostic trains, would be ready to play its part.

However, the knot on safeguarding employment levels remains to be resolved, an inescapable principle by the unions demanding to keep Ferrosud's current 65 employees inside the agreement. The other sticking point concerns the presentation of the business plan by Mermec. Questions that could be answered at the November 9 table set in the Basilicata Region's headquarters, also about possible support measures that could further reinvigorate the Apulian holding company's settlement strategy in Matera.

On February 8, 2021, Mise declared the extraordinary administration procedure open for the Mancini Group company, and after the state of insolvency was declared by the Court of Arezzo, the ministry authorized, on June 21, 2021, the execution of the Program for the sale of the business complex. Last July 21, they received the green light from Mise with the communication to the extraordinary commissioner Antonio Casilli, authorizing the sale of the business complexes of the Matera plant in favor of Mermec. Last October 17, there was a second request for an extension of the procedure by Mermec, for the acquisition of the business complex, after the one made on September 16. A requirement dictated by the need to evaluate in detail the proposal for professional retraining of Ferrosud employees offered by the Basilicata Region during the August 5 meeting. Talks that began in the past few days and that, to tell the truth, upset secretaries of Fim Cisl and Uilm Uil. "It is right to verify the workers' competencies," the unions argued, "but only and exclusively after Mermec has ratified the union agreements and taken over without reservations and conditions all the employees currently working for Ferrosud." Nor does Fiom CGIL compromise from the safeguarding of employment levels, which awaited the verification of next November 9, the date on which the feasibility of the proposals put forward by the Basilicata Region would also be evaluated concerning vocational training measures to qualify and retrain the staff hired and the possibility of Mermec's candidacy for public notice for the financing of development contracts. Interventions that could thus sweep away the unions' legitimate misgivings about the offer that Mermec had presented, which provides for the immediate hiring of 8 employees and the non-binding forecast of another 70 by 2025.

Source: La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno


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