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EXCITING: Romania Welcomes Its First Coradia Stream!

EXCITING: Romania Welcomes Its First Coradia Stream!
foto: Erwin66101 / Flickr/Coradia Stream
19 / 12 / 2023

Romania has received the first of the Coradia Stream type units ordered by the ARF office (the Office for Railway Reform). Last March, the Alstom company signed a contract for 20 six-car interregional units of this type.

The Romanian Office for Railway Reform has taken delivery of the first of 37 Alstom electric units. The Coradia Stream unit that arrived in Romania is part of ARF's order for 37 trains. Alstom will also provide 15 years of maintenance for these trains.

These regional trains are among the most modern, cost-effective, and high-performance electric multiple units. Coradia Stream offers a modular design, allowing operators to choose configurations and interiors that best suit their market needs and mission. Several European countries have already ordered more than 650 single-deck regional Coradia Stream trains.

The Coradia Stream can reach a maximum speed of up to 200 km/h. All trains are designed to be barrier-free, with no ramps or stairs, which is beneficial for mothers with strollers, people in wheelchairs, or those traveling with large luggage.

Super Bock. / Flickr

All Coradia-type trains feature wide entrances and flat floors. They are designed for optimized energy consumption, easy maintenance, and use of proven components. Zerodirect carbon emissions solutions are also available. These trains have a longer aluminum body, allowing for a greater passenger capacity, and fewer motorized pods, reducing energy consumption.

The final assembly before its arrival in Romania was completed at Alstom's Chorzów plant near Katowice in Poland. The preparation was organized by RailAdventure, a company assigned to DB Cargo group carriers in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The unit then arrived in Bucharest and began operating on the routes from Bucharest to Constanta and Bucharest to Brasov.

For Romanian Railways, this is a significant milestone. After the older prototype units from Electroputere Craiova and three Hyperion units manufactured by the domestic company Softronic, these are the first electric multiple-unit trains in Romania to be put into operation.