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Traxx Locomotive Portfolio: Alstom's Highlight at Munich's Transport Logistic Event

Traxx Locomotive Portfolio: Alstom's Highlight at Munich's Transport Logistic Event
foto: Alstom/Traxx Locomotive Portfolio: Alstom's Highlight at Munich's Transport Logistic Event
10 / 05 / 2023

Alstom, a global leader in intelligent and sustainable mobility, will present a wide range of solutions for the future of rail mobility at transport logistic in Munich in May 2023, establishing rail as an even more environmentally friendly alternative to road. A key focus for Alstom at the world’s leading trade fair for logistics and mobility will be the Traxx locomotive portfolio, the broadest locomotive portfolio in the industry, covering all requirements in the market from shunting to heavy-duty transport. Other focal points of Alstom at transport logistic are the decarbonisation and digitalisation of freight transport.

At the Alstom outdoor booth FM.703/1, visitors can also get an impression of how existing vehicles in rail transport can meet the ever-increasing requirements of digitalisation and sustainable mobility. At transport logistic, Alstom will be showcasing, among other things, the Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2 ICE), a solution developed in-house and available at short notice for converting diesel shunting locomotives to hydrogen propulsion. After conversion, the locomotive no longer emits CO2 and saves up to 3,000 tonnes of CO2 over a remaining service life of 15-20 years. One would have to plant 200,000 trees to save this amount of CO2.

Another exhibition element at transport logistic is the HealthHub. This innovative tool for predictive maintenance helps to continuously monitor the condition of rolling stock, infrastructure and signalling systems. With the help of the HealthHub, problems with components can be anticipated and failures during operation can be minimised. In this way, the system increases the reliability and availability of railway fleets. For one customer in Switzerland, the downtime of a fleet was reduced by 60 percent after full implementation of HealthHub.

The European Train Control System (ETCS) paves the way for smooth border traffic and enables higher speeds and frequencies on the railways. Alstom is a pioneer in the certification of new ETCS standards for rolling stock and track infrastructure. At the booth, visitors can also find out what Alstom's ETCS portfolio looks like and how exactly retrofitting to existing fleets works.

Source: Alstom