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Siemens Mobility to Unveil New Urban Mobility Solutions at UITP Global Public Transport Summit

Siemens Mobility to Unveil New Urban Mobility Solutions at UITP Global Public Transport Summit
foto: Siemens Mobility/Siemens Mobility to Unveil New Urban Mobility Solutions at UITP Global Public Transport Summit
15 / 05 / 2023

Siemens Mobility will present solutions that “Transform urban mobility for a better tomorrow” at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit from June 4 – 7 in Barcelona. Included is optimized life-cycle costs of rail infrastructure and transport, 100% system availability, maximized network capacity and optimal customer experiences and processes. These four technological areas – integrated into Siemens Xcelerator as an interoperable, open, and interconnected ecosystem – will help customers provide sustainable, comfortable, and cost-efficient rail transportation.

Siemens Mobility at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit 

Visitors can learn more about the company’s innovative mobility concepts and solutions at booth A150 in Hall 6. In addition to dialogue stations and exhibits, visitors can experience Train2Cloud using Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) developed by Siemens Mobility, as well as the Mobility-as-a-Service app dōcō that is available throughout Spain.

Siemens Mobility will also take part in two panel discussions: On June 5, Michael Peter, CEO at Siemens Mobility will present at: “Big and beautiful: Can large entities lead innovation within public transport?”. On June 7, Johannes Emmelheinz, CEO Customer Services at Siemens Mobility, will participate at “ The digitalization of maintenance and operations: urban rail's gradual revolution.”

Optimized life-cycle costs for rail infrastructure and rolling stock

  • Siemens Mobility’s rolling-stock platforms for trams and metros provide a comfortable and sustainable travel. With lightweight car bodies, weight-optimized bogies and state-of-the-art traction technologies for high efficiency. The trains and infrastructure solutions offered by Siemens Mobility also include integrated connectivity and services that can be activated as needed throughout the lifecycle of the product.  

100% system availability

  • Digital services based on the Railigent X Application Suite optimize the maintenance processes and enable up to 100% system availability. By collecting more and more data from the rail systems and using it intelligently, defects can be forecast and fixed before they cause a breakdown.
  • MoBase is the online platform for purchasing professional rail products and solutions, offers rapid and easy access to a wide range of services and products, including obsolescence management.

Maximized network capacity

  • At UITP Train2Cloud will be part of the Innovation Guided Tour that will showcase the best innovations in local public transportation. CBTC through the cloud optimizes the performance and life-cycle costs of rail infrastructure and enables operators to immediately react to problems that could disrupt operations. This solution enables cost-efficient city-wide operations with seamless geo-redundancy of a computing center. 
  • The digital station will show optimal management and monitoring of the railroad’s power grid, overhead line poles and energy infrastructure as well as centralized management and control of all facilities in the rail infrastructure. This can reduce life-cycle costs by up to 20 percent, increases availability of mobility services and improves the travel experience.
  • RailXplore boosts the efficiency and transparency of rail operations. It delivers reliable real-time data about passenger numbers in train stations to improve the passenger experience by reducing disruptions. In addition, asset monitoring and diagnosis optimize operations and maintenance. 

Optimal customer experiences and processes 

  • MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) ensures that passengers are provided with door-to-door options and a seamless travel experience from the first kilometer to the last. Travelers can plan, book, and pay for their trip by using one app, for all modes of transportation. Visitors to UITP will see software solutions that use Big Data technologies and self-learning algorithms to forecast passenger numbers as well as the opportunity to try out the MaaS app dōcō that is available throughout Spain. 

Cybersecurity for rail systems

  • The rise of digitalization sees a growing need to protect systems against cyber-attacks. At UITP, Siemens Mobility will present solutions that can secure complex transport systems and their data, such as CoreShield OSA. The solution acts as an Intrusion Detection System and an Event Management System to monitor for malicious activities. It detects and warns of real security threats from the application interface.

Source: Siemens Mobility