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Revolutionizing Railway Safety: ÖBB and Stadler Introduce Hybrid Servicejets

Revolutionizing Railway Safety: ÖBB and Stadler Introduce Hybrid Servicejets
foto: ÖBB-WeXplore/Revolutionizing Railway Safety: ÖBB and Stadler Introduce Hybrid Servicejets
29 / 08 / 2023

In an exciting collaboration between ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and Stadler, the future of railway safety just got a significant upgrade. Announced on 25 August 2023, their latest creation, the Servicejets, is a beautiful blend of innovation, speed, and sustainability.

With a thoughtful investment of EUR 230 million, these aren't your average rescue trains. The fleet of 18 Servicejets is designed to be at the heart of rescue and firefighting operations on the ÖBB network. What's really impressive is that these trains can zip through Austria at a remarkable speed of up to 160 km/h and have the capacity to evacuate up to 324 people swiftly. But the real star is their unique tri-modal drive system. These trains can pull power from an overhead line, a beefy 280 kWh battery, or in desperate times, from twin diesel gensets. This not only means a more efficient system but also a reduced fleet, cutting down on training and maintenance overheads. Dennis Laubbacher, the proud CEO of Stadler Bussnang AG, couldn't help but mention the 80 years of craftsmanship that went into these machines, ensuring top-notch operations all over Austria's rail network.

And for those wondering about its firefighting capabilities, the Servicejets are well-equipped, to say the least. With a massive 40 m³ fire water tank, a mix of high and low-pressure water cannons, and hydrant-like connections—these trains are truly a firefighter's dream. Added features like protective ventilation, thermal imaging cameras, and jet fans only solidify their position as a groundbreaking solution in railway emergencies.