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Rail projects with a worth of 4 billion got opened in Greece

Rail projects with a worth of 4 billion got opened in Greece
foto: Wikipedia/ projects with a worth of 4 billion got opened in Greece
02 / 12 / 2021

The Greek ministry of infrastructure and transportation published a report about the most significant infrastructural project in Greece history, to this date, with a worth reaching 4 billion. The planned launch of six individual projects, including the application of ETCS, the electrification of existing tracks, and the development of new ones.

Greece sees the connectivity and accessibility of its national ports as one of its main focuses. One of the projects deals with the development of a new train link between Thessaloniki and Toxotes, therefore, enhancing connectivity between Greece’s second-largest city and North-West Greece towards Turkey and Bulgaria.

We have to mention the fact that the port of Thessaloniki is set to represent a pivotal position in connecting sea lines with the Balkans and central Europe through rail freight.

The rest of the projects mainly focuses on upgrading rail connections in the Northern Greece region near the Bulgarian border.

The current existing connection between the port of Alexandroupolis and the Ormenio border will eventually undergo a major change - full electrification as well as the usage of the ETCS.

“For the first time in Greek history, railways get what they deserve since the country needs them. We are setting in motion the largest railway project ever, which upon completion will change the transport map and boost Greece’s international position,” stated Kostas Karamanlis, Greek minister of infrastructure and transportation.