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MERMEC's Game-Changer: MEERI Revolutionizes Track Inspection in Finland

MERMEC's Game-Changer: MEERI Revolutionizes Track Inspection in Finland
foto: Väylävirasto,'s Game-Changer: MEERI Revolutionizes Track Inspection in Finland
23 / 06 / 2023

In a significant boost to the Finnish rail network's safety and efficiency, MEERI, a cutting-edge track inspection vehicle operated by global railway diagnostics leader, MERMEC, is set to cover more than 20,000 kilometres of the Finnish national rail network annually.

Collecting an expansive variety of data, MEERI will primarily operate twice a year. Summer is MEERI's peak season, when it will collect a vast amount of versatile measurement data to ensure the safety and condition of the railway network. According to Jukka P. Valjakka, Director of the Track Maintenance Department at the Finnish Transport Agency, MEERI's most important task is to ensure that the network is safe to operate and that the track is in the correct geometric position.

According to Matti Levomäki, Regional Director for the Nordic and Baltic countries at MERMEC, "MEERI's measurements and reports allow us to detect potential track anomalies in good time before they become major problems." These crucial insights will enhance the safety and performance of the network, enabling maintenance efforts to be proactive and efficient.


Boasting more measuring equipment in a single wagon than anywhere else globally, MEERI exemplifies the modern age of track measurement technology in Finland. Not only will this remarkable vehicle conduct geometry assessments of the track, but it will also measure accelerations, contact wire thickness, and condition, all while filming its measured sections for visual inspection.

Romina Riccardo, MERMEC's Asset Management Director, expressed her pride in MEERI, noting that it represents the most substantial part of their service business, despite their operations spanning about 70 countries. With a planned lifetime of at least 20 years, MEERI stands to significantly contribute to Finland's rail infrastructure's long-term stability and development.