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ÖBB's New Generation Nightjet Marks a New Era in Austrian Rail Travel

ÖBB's New Generation Nightjet Marks a New Era in Austrian Rail Travel
foto: Hofmeister / ÖBB / Public domain/ÖBB Nightjet
06 / 03 / 2024

ÖBB celebrated a milestone in rail transportation as the new-generation Nightjet made its inaugural regular service arrival at Bregenz station at 8:29 a.m., introducing a new level of comfort and efficiency to the overnight Vienna-Bregenz route.

This rollout is part of ÖBB's strategic effort to upgrade its vehicle fleet, following the modernization with Cityjets and the addition of hourly Railjet services. The investment in night transport was initiated in 2016 due to the demand for high-quality overnight connections within Austria. According to Klaus Garstenauer, the new travel experience is provided without a steep price increase, with innovative offerings like Mini Cabins starting at EUR 39.90 for the Bregenz-Vienna journey.

Hofmeister / ÖBB / Public domain

This new service offers a boost to passenger convenience and represents a significant step forward for environmental sustainability in public transport, as noted by Provincial Councillor Daniel Zadra. The Nightjet, with its affordable travel options such as the Sparschiene ticket starting at EUR 24.90, aims to cater to a wide range of travelers, from solo voyagers to groups and families, prioritizing both comfort and cost-efficiency.

The next-generation Nightjet boasts a seven-car configuration, offering 254 seats alongside improved accommodations for luggage, bicycles, baby carriages, and sports equipment. Passengers can look forward to a host of technical innovations designed to enhance the travel experience, including free Wi-Fi, a modern passenger information system, and various charging options for electronic devices, as well as enhanced cellular reception, adjustable compartment controls, an electronic access system, and increased security measures through video surveillance.