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Austria's Shift: From Cars to Climate-Conscious Travel

Austria's Shift: From Cars to Climate-Conscious Travel
foto: Marek Knopp / ÖBB/Austria's Shift: From Cars to Climate-Conscious Travel
24 / 08 / 2023

In Austria, the age-old query, "What do you drive?", once exclusively reserved for car brands, is undergoing a transformation. No longer is sustainable travel limited to lofty New Year resolutions or the fallback when cars and planes disappoint. Instead, it's becoming the "new normal." The evidence lies in the burgeoning passenger figures for ÖBB: 447 million in 2022, with projections touching 480 million this year. Such numbers aren't just statistics; they herald a collective societal shift. With trains being 50 times more eco-friendly than planes and 30 times more than cars, ÖBB's contribution towards saving the environment is substantial. Their services, collectively, reduce around 4 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

ÖBB's Bold Question Resonates: "AND WHAT DO YOU DRIVE?"

Starting August 18, ÖBB's fresh image campaign seeks to amplify this changing narrative. The spotlight isn't just on their trains but on a broader ethos. "Taking the train isn't merely a mode of transport; it encapsulates a lifestyle, a viewpoint," shares ÖBB's CEO, Andreas Matthä. This campaign is more than just advertising; it's a clarion call, signalling the societal shift from private cars to public transport. It's about transporting not just individuals, but a transformative thought process.

New Campaign Strikes A Chord

The campaign, vibrant and compelling, is a testament to ÖBB's pivotal role in shaping Austria's mobility landscape. "It celebrates the multifaceted experiences, encounters, and advantages of choosing ÖBB, accentuating our role as an indispensable mobility pillar in Austria," notes Karin Seywald-Czihak, the MD of ÖBB Advertising. Further deepening the campaign's resonance is the catchy tune, "Wir fahren grün," a revamped version of the popular Austrian song "Cordula Grün," echoing the sentiments of both passengers and ÖBB's dedicated team. It's not just about the journey, but the difference each trip makes.

Source: ÖBB