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Alstom's Breakthrough Eurobalise: A New Era in Rail Safety and Efficiency

Alstom's Breakthrough Eurobalise: A New Era in Rail Safety and Efficiency
foto: Alstom / Public domain/Eurobalise
28 / 11 / 2023

Alstom has introduced a groundbreaking Eurobalise (a safety-critical device transmitting data from tack to train) that integrates simplified ERTMS encoding functionality to serve multiple use cases.

This innovative solution represents a major stride in advancing rail safety standards, addressing the critical need for increased safety during track work. Its easy installation offers rail operators a cost-effective proposition.

“Alstom is proud to introduce this game-changing super balise to the market. This innovation is in line with our commitment to advance rail safety with digital solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry,” says Bernard Belvaux, Alstom Benelux Managing Director.

Alstom has received the first firm order from Infrabel, a Belgian railway network operator, for 50 units and 20-year maintenance services, with the potential to expand to 100 units. The production will involve engineering and manufacturing sites in Villeurbanne (France) and Charleroi (Belgium)

The solution, to be deployed by Infrabel for the first time, includes an automatic warning system to safeguard track workers. It efficiently secures the work area by transmitting "STOP" or "GO" messages to the train automatically.

When used in a train control system level 1 with limited supervision (ETCS L1LS) installation, it autonomously selects the right message out of 16 possibilities and transmits it to the train in SIL4 (the highest Safety Integrity Level). Simple to install, the combination of Eurobalise and encoder functions into a single product provides customers with a notably competitive solution.

Finally, the solution addresses the essential necessity for elevated safety during track maintenance. By allowing operators to remotely control train movements, the system minimises the risk of accidents and enhances overall safety standards.

A Eurobalise is vital for data transmission, train positioning, and European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS) compliance. This advanced version presented today is based on the proven Alstom Onvia Balise technology with over 400,000 units installed around the world.