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RegioJet Launches First Commercial Sleeper Train Service from EU to Ukraine

RegioJet Launches First Commercial Sleeper Train Service from EU to Ukraine
foto: Regiojet / Public domain/Regiojet
19 / 03 / 2024

RegioJet has announced the introduction of a direct sleeper train connection from Prague, Czech Republic to Chop, Ukraine, starting from March 27.

The new route is to enchance the travel experience between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine, promising a higher comfort level compared to traditional bus services. With sleeper coaches designed to improve passenger comfort significantly, RegioJet offers an efficient overnight service without the need for transfers.

The service notably simplifies the border crossing process between Slovakia and Ukraine. As the first 100% commercial rail service connecting the European Union and Ukraine, this initiative marks a pivotal moment in cross-border transportation, fostering easier access and a seamless travel experience to and from Ukraine.

Regiojet / Public domain

Aside from the convenience of a direct sleeper train, passengers can enjoy a range of complimentary services including breakfast, dinner, free WiFi, and beverages. Ticket pricing is competitively set, starting from approx. EUR 18.9 for a seat and approx. EUR 30.9 for a berth.

The launch of the Prague-Chop service comes on the heels of RegioJet's significant success on the Prague-Premyšl line, which saw over 230,000 passengers in 2023, marking a 60% increase from the previous year.