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Polish Těšín Has a Railway Station of the Future

Polish Těšín Has a Railway Station of the Future
foto: Těšín Has a Railway Station of the Future
22 / 11 / 2022

The Transport Publiczny portal reported on the victory of the Těšín railway station in a national competition held for the fifth time.

The jury's decisive factor for choosing the Těšín station was the efficient service for passengers and the effort to preserve the architectural and historical values of the buildings, which goes hand in hand with the fact that the station was built in 1888.

At first, it served as a smaller stop to help the central station when it was still one city. When the First World War came, Těšín Silesia was divided, and the central station fell to the Czech side, which made the expansion of the Těšín station necessary.

It did not fare too well on the once less important route near the border. It was not helped by the suspension of services to Bílsko-Biała, Katowice, and Český Těšín, after which the roof of the local waiting room collapsed when the town took the station under its wing. Unfortunately, it was then unable to find the funds to renovate it.

A radical change in 2018

Four years ago, a major renovation took place, when the historic elements of the station were complemented by contemporary furnishings and the train station became an important point along with the bus station. Of course, there is also parking for cars and bicycles, which includes a repair shop for cyclists. The station also includes a new catering corner, luggage storage, and free new toilets.

The premises are so large that they house several services - a law office, a physiotherapist, and a police station. Particularly appreciated items include the appearance of the station, passenger information, and service, as well as the wheelchair-accessible space.