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PKP Intercity Boosts Fleet with Enhanced COMBO Wagons: A Leap in Passenger Comfort and Accessibility

PKP Intercity Boosts Fleet with Enhanced COMBO Wagons: A Leap in Passenger Comfort and Accessibility
foto: PKP Intercity / Public domain/COMBO wagon
05 / 01 / 2024

PKP Intercity is taking significant steps to enhance the passenger experience by expanding its rolling stock with modernized COMBO wagons. In a recent move, the company has invested PLN 335 million net in modernizing an additional 45 wagons.

This task will be undertaken by PKP Intercity Remtrak, a member of the same capital group, with the modernization process set to unfold at their facilities in Opole over the next 24 months. This initiative follows the recent tender for the modernization of 50 wagons to the COMBO standard, awarded to Poznań-based manufacturer H. Cegielski - Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych. Upon completion of both contracts, PKP Intercity's fleet will boast a total of 155 state-of-the-art COMBO wagons.

A notable aspect of these modernized wagons is their enhanced accessibility features, particularly benefiting passengers with disabilities. Each COMBO wagon will be equipped with a specialized compartment designed with two spaces for wheelchair users and additional seating for caregivers. These compartments will feature accessible amenities like three-point seat belts for wheelchairs, individual control panels for lighting and air conditioning, and Braille translations for all pictograms. The design also includes ramps for easy boarding and automatic compartment doors, ensuring a seamless experience for all passengers. The wagons have been recognized for their inclusivity with the Transport without Barriers certificate from the Integracja Foundation, highlighting their suitability for seniors, people with disabilities, and parents with children.

Beyond accessibility, PKP Intercity's COMBO wagons are tailoring their services to enhance the overall travel experience. Families are a focus, with compartments specially designed for caregivers and children, featuring animal-themed graphics and seats that can be transformed into a comfortable surface. Family-friendly facilities like changing tables in toilets and electrical and USB sockets add to the convenience. For all passengers, the wagons will offer compartment-less sections with individual and group seating, internet access, air conditioning, bicycle transport spaces, and a modern passenger information system. These improvements, coupled with the capability of running at speeds up to 160 km/h, position PKP Intercity as a front-runner in offering a comfortable, inclusive, and efficient rail travel experience in Poland.