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LTG Link to Purchase New Electric and Battery-Electric Trains from Stadler

LTG Link to Purchase New Electric and Battery-Electric Trains from Stadler
foto: LTG/LTG Link to Purchase New Electric and Battery-Electric Trains from Stadler
22 / 06 / 2023

LTG Link, the passenger transport company of the Lithuanian Railways (LTG) Group, will purchase new electric and battery-electric trains from the Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Group. The trains will be manufactured by Stadler Polska for LTG Link. The winning supplier has signed a EUR 226.5 million contract to build 15 ultra-comfortable trains, provide technical support for their maintenance and supply spare parts until 2037.

Testing of the Swiss-built electric trains in Lithuania is scheduled to start in 2025, and the company's customers will travel on the first new trains in mid-2026. LTG Link has also purchased technical support services for the trains for a very long period, until 2037, including the supply of spare parts, technical support and advice on train operation and maintenance, depot renewal, warranty for train batteries, etc. In addition, the contract provides for LTG Link to be able to purchase additional trains if required.

"This major deal will not only transform the company's fleet but bring a new quality of trains, meaning a new quality of travel for passengers, and it will be fully accessible to people with disabilities and individual needs. At the same time, it marks a new era in the railway sector as the company turns decisively to the West and definitively abandons any connections, train parts or services from its eastern neighbours," said Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis.

The new trains powered by green electricity will be of two types. The Vilnius-Klaipėda line is expected to run electric trains shortly, while battery-powered trains will run on non-electrified sections. These trains will be able to travel up to 70 km without additional charging.

LTG CEO Egidijus Lazauskas emphasises the Group's long-term commitment to contributing to the sustainable development of the transport system in Lithuania: "This commitment requires complex solutions, encompassing both infrastructure projects and services for passengers and businesses. The agreement with the Swiss capital company is another step forward in the green train transport development. As the electrification of Lithuania's main railway artery, Vilnius-Klaipėda moves forward, we are acquiring modern electric trains that will provide a new travel culture and experience. We are thus taking another step towards a clean transport future."

Linas Baužys, CEO of passenger transport company LTG Link, who signed the contract, emphasises the company's aim to purchase only green electric trains that meet high quality and comfort requirements, both now and in the future. Both these trains and those to be purchased in the future should be adapted to meet the high standards of service for passengers with individual needs, and the movement of these passengers should be unrestricted in the cabins.

"We daily aim to get more and more people to switch to environmentally friendly rail transport. Today, we can confidently say that the new trains will significantly contribute to our sustainable mobility goals. They will bring a significant leap in the train travel quality and experience for all passengers. Design work on trains tailored specifically for Lithuania will start soon. The battery trains, suitable for both hot summers and cold winters, will be the first of their kind in the Northern European region. Together with the successful supplier, we will ensure their efficient operation for many years to come," said Baužys.

The trains will be extremely quiet, designed for working or relaxing during the journey, and will be fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. There will be no steps to restrict movement, and all seating will be cosy and comfortable. The electric trains will have bistros.

The supplier also undertakes to advise LTG Link on the reconstruction of the depot of the electric trains and to provide specific equipment for the maintenance or repair of these trains. It will also have to ensure the supply of replacement train components to be used throughout the 30-year life cycle of the trains.

"Stadler has already sold more than 2,500 Flirt trains worldwide. It is a proven, reliable and comfortable train model with a lightweight modular design that can be adapted to different energy sources. It makes it possible to meet the expectations of demanding customers and ensure environmentally friendly travel. I am delighted that our trains will soon be available to passengers in Lithuania. I am sure they will love these trains and enjoy the journey," says Peter Spuhler, Executive Chairman of the Stadler Group.

The results of the largest international train procurement in the history of the country's railways were evaluated based on both cost-effectiveness criteria (train price, warranty, maintenance costs) and qualitative technical parameters (comfort and noise levels, number of seats, completeness of the battery technology, reliability of the trains, delivery time, etc.).

The tender for the purchase of new green electric trains was launched at the end of 2020.

Source: LTG