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LTG Introduces Modern Ticket Vending Machines for Improved Passenger Service

LTG Introduces Modern Ticket Vending Machines for Improved Passenger Service
foto: RAILTARGET Archive/LTG Introduces Modern Ticket Vending Machines for Improved Passenger Service
20 / 07 / 2023

The passenger transport company of the Lithuanian Railways Group, LTG Link, announced a major enhancement to its customer service by introducing modern ticket vending machines at 23 of the country's largest railway stations. This initiative, contracted to Polish companies Mera Systemy and Mera-Serwis, who are operating jointly, will cost approximately EUR 1.7 million and includes the manufacture and installation of 33 ticket machines, a monitoring and control system, and ongoing maintenance during operational periods.

According to LTG Link, the design, programming, and installation of these state-of-the-art ticket machines will begin this year with the first machines expected to be operational by the end of 2023. The project's goal is to enable passengers to purchase tickets independently and conveniently. This will particularly benefit nine stations where ticketing has not been available in recent years.

Linas Baužys, CEO of LTG Link, acknowledged the importance of changing passenger needs and highlighted the company's commitment to innovative solutions. "We are introducing new technologies to deliver our services more professionally and efficiently," he said. He also added that the ticket machines would be adapted to meet the needs of individuals with physical impairments, making the service accessible to all.

These next-gen ticket machines will be similar to those installed by Mera in other European countries, including Austria, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, France, and the Netherlands. They meet all European standards for accessibility, ensuring usability for people with mobility or visual impairments. Additionally, given the increasing trend toward cashless payments, the machines will be designed to accept only bank cards. To ensure a smooth transition, LTG Link staff will assist passengers for the first two months after the ticket machines are introduced at stations.