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"MegaHub Lehrte is the Most Modern Transshipment Facility in Europe," Comments BohemiaKombi Managing Director, Vladimír Fišer

&quote;MegaHub Lehrte is the Most Modern Transshipment Facility in Europe,&quote; Comments BohemiaKombi Managing Director, Vladimír Fišer
foto: DB Cargo / Public domain/Mega Hub Lehrte
27 / 02 / 2024

Europe's most modern transshipment facility was presented at a special seminar on combined transport organized by the Czech Ministry of Transport in Prague. MegaHub Lehrte was presented by Vladimír Fišer, Managing Director of BohemiaKombi.

The transport of semi-trailers in pocket wagons has been taking place since 2006 to Hamburg and since 2010 also to Duisburg. Until 2017, interest in the transport of semi-trailers was very dynamic and constantly growing. Unfortunately, due to a change in trend, there has been some decline.

The main reason for the decline was the deterioration in the quality of traffic on the DB network, followed by stagnation and then a subsequent decline. In 2019, a call for applications for investment subsidies from the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic for the acquisition of new transport units was submitted, including intermodal semi-trailers.

Concept MegaHub Hannover Lehrte

MegaHub Lehrte is the most modern transshipment facility in Europe. This facility is known for its sustainability, fast handling, and modern equipment. The terminal is located in the heart of the Lehrte railway junction. It has direct connections to Hamburg, Berlin, Braunschweig, Hildesheim, and Hannover. As a fast transshipment hub, MegaHub Lehrte specializes primarily in the transport of loading units between trains. The terminal was put into operation in 2021.

Ministry of Transport presentation, Vladimír Fišer

In December 2021, the Lovosice - Rotterdam Europort line was integrated into the MegaHub Lehrte concept itself. The operation of trains on the line to Lehrte was taken over by the railway freight company ČD Cargo. ČD Cargo's multi-system locomotives carry trains as far as Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The main benefit is a significant increase in operational quality and, above all, reliability.