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Innofreight Revolutionizes Timber Transport with Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn

Innofreight Revolutionizes Timber Transport with Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn
foto: Innofreight / Public domain/Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn wagons
04 / 12 / 2023

Innofreight has introduced a breakthrough in the transportation of timber with its Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn wagons, significantly optimizing round trips for Schwaiger Holzindustrie in Germany since October.

These wagons represent an innovative continuation of Innofreight's modular system, designed to efficiently transport various types of timber. The Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn has been engineered to carry both round wood and sawn timber effectively, achieving optimal payload values for each type. This versatile development is particularly advantageous for the sawmill industry, enabling the reduction of empty runs and maximizing payload, thereby saving on additional train journeys.

Innofreight / Public domain

In practical application, 23 Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn wagons have been enhancing timber logistics for Schwaiger Holzindustrie. Loaded with sawn timber at the Hengersberg plant in Germany, these wagons deliver their cargo to the North Sea and Baltic Sea ports for export. On their return journey, they efficiently collect round wood from various loading points across Germany, transporting it back to the plant. This system ensures that the wagons remain loaded for most of their transport loop across the country.

The design of the Round & Sawn system is noteworthy, featuring 2.5-meter-long stanchions that facilitate the transport of logs. A single 2×45 ft InnoWaggon equipped with this system can carry 120 solid cubic meters of logs, outperforming conventional wagons by 25 per cent. When configured for sawn timber, the wagons can accommodate up to 191 cubic meters on a double wagon, with a maximum payload of 144 tons. Beyond timber, the straight stanchions of the Smart GigaWood Round & Sawn also allow for the transportation of standard ISO containers, adding a layer of versatility. Currently in the testing phase, this feature exemplifies Innofreight's commitment to expanding the modularity and efficiency of rail transport solutions.