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Innofreight Pioneers Advanced Solutions for Grain Transport in Europe

Innofreight Pioneers Advanced Solutions for Grain Transport in Europe
foto: Innofreight/Innofreight Pioneers Advanced Solutions for Grain Transport in Europe
17 / 10 / 2023

Innofreight, responding to the rising demand for grain transport across Europe, has unveiled a series of innovative solutions, pushing the boundaries of traditional hoppers. One such example took place last week at the Dobrà transport terminal in Slovakia.

Valdis Dombrovskis, the Executive Vice President of the European Commission, witnessed first-hand the capabilities of Innofreight's GrainTainers. These modular containers are designed for seamless use on both broad and standard rail gauges. By simply swapping the wagon, they offer the potential to expedite transportation by cutting down loading and unloading times.

The company's suite of solutions includes the GrainTainer Generation 1, boasting a volume of 33 m³ and capable of carrying a payload of 23 tons of grain. The design ensures loading through three top silo openings while unloading harnesses gravity through six flaps on the container's longer sides. An evolved version, the GrainTainer Generation 2, takes things up a notch with a 41 m³ volume, maximizing the payload of the InnoWaggon. Interestingly, while the top-loading mechanism remains consistent with its predecessor, unloading is executed on the container's shorter side using specialized equipment like a rotary forklift or a portrotator. Both variants prioritize safety and hygiene, featuring waterproofing and a specialized paint suitable for food transport.

Additionally, Innofreight has ventured into adaptable solutions with their WoodTainer XXL, fitted with large bags. This configuration, providing a 45 m³ volume, serves as a robust answer for transporting grain or pellets. These bags, already operational in Poland, play a pivotal role in moisture-sensitive wood pellet transportation, underscoring Innofreight's commitment to versatile and efficient transport solutions.

Source of information: Innofreight