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Green Cargo to Revamp Rail Fleet with Vectron Locomotives

Green Cargo to Revamp Rail Fleet with Vectron Locomotives
foto: Green Cargo/Green Cargo to Revamp Rail Fleet with Vectron Locomotives
22 / 08 / 2023

In an effort to modernize its rail fleet and streamline operations, Sweden’s premier rail freight carrier, Green Cargo, has made a strategic move towards adopting Vectron locomotives. Starting from 2024, the rail traffic between the Swedish city of Malmö and the German marshaling yard in Maschen, situated just south of Hamburg, will witness a transition.

The current six TRAXX locomotives that have been servicing this route will be reassigned within Sweden, making way for six cutting-edge Siemens Mobility Vectron locomotives. Additionally, the company plans to utilize four other Vectron locomotives across the Skåne region in Sweden. This is an interim measure until the demand rises to incorporate all ten locomotives on the expansive Sweden – Denmark – Germany corridor.

These state-of-the-art Vectron locomotives will be sourced from two of Europe's prominent leasing companies, both of which have recently augmented their fleets with new Vectron batches. Green Cargo will lease five locomotives from Alpha Trains and the remaining five from Akiem. It's worth noting that the first locomotive from Alpha Trains has already been transported to Sweden. As a preparatory step, this locomotive will be deployed between Malmö and Trelleborg during the fall season, facilitating hands-on training for operators. This move underscores Green Cargo’s commitment to enhancing its rail operations while simultaneously ensuring the training of its personnel for a seamless transition.