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RegioFox's Journey Begins: PESA Units Enter Passenger Trial Operations

RegioFox's Journey Begins: PESA Units Enter Passenger Trial Operations
foto: Czech Railways - Railway Authority on LinkedIn/RegioFox's Journey Begins: PESA Units Enter Passenger Trial Operations
17 / 08 / 2023

The new 847 engine units manufactured by PESA Bydgoszcz, which Czech Railways will operate under the name RegioFox, have started trial operation with passengers. Vehicles must drive a total of at least 50,000 km during the trial run, which is allowed until the end of this year.

The Railway Authority issued a permit for the test operation of six PESA units already at the end of July. However, the permission itself does not mean the trains can start on the track immediately. First, they must meet all the conditions defined in the decision. For example, the vehicles must pass a technical safety test, safety measures and the designated technical equipment of the train must be checked, or the operating staff must be trained. The manufacturer, in cooperation with the operator, is responsible for ensuring all these operations.

The new low-floor motor units have a spacious interior with 115 seats, barrier-free access, heating, air conditioning, sockets or USB connectors for recharging small electronics, Wi-Fi, vacuum WC with changing table, interior and exterior LED lighting, modern audiovisual information system with LCD monitors, camera system, GSM-R communication system and are equipped with a European ETCS security system.

Another novelty is that they don't have to run only on diesel and can also be powered by HVO biofuel. The power units are also equipped with low-emission Rolls-Royce engines that meet Stage V emission limits.