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EXCLUSIVE: LIBERTY Welcomes New Leadership — A Beacon of Hope for the Smelter’s Future?

EXCLUSIVE: LIBERTY Welcomes New Leadership — A Beacon of Hope for the Smelter’s Future?
foto: LIBERTY Ostrava / Public domain/Victor Theuns
09 / 11 / 2023

A new top manager has been appointed to lead the LIBERTY smelter in Ostrava. What changes are on the horizon?

LIBERTY Ostrava has welcomed a new top manager. An experienced manager with a commendable track record at LIBERTY, Victor Theuns previously served as the Executive Director for Industrial Planning at GFG. His primary responsibility was overseeing GFG's global transformation projects, with a particular focus on fuel decarbonization. Before joining the Gupta empire, he spent 20 years in various managerial roles at Arcelor Mittal.

"GFG Group's top manager Theuns Victor has been delegated to Ostrava, together with his team of the Group's steel experts, to work closely with LIBERTY Ostrava's management to help restore our company's profitability. This joint team is currently carrying out a comprehensive review, planning, and setting the production strategy of our smelter," LIBERTY's press service informed RAILTARGET editorial office.

In his inaugural move as the director of LIBERTY Ostrava, Theuns Victor issued an email to all employees, signaling a commitment to stabilizing the current situation.

Although Victor Theuns has worked in Australia, he and his family are permanent residents of Dubai. He won’t be relocating permanently to the Czech Republic but will spend Monday to Friday working in Ostrava, returning to Dubai for the weekends.

LIBERTY Ostrava / Public domain

Theuns, as the Executive Director of Industrial Planning, spearheads GFG's global transformation projects, focusing on the decarbonization of manufacturing assets. Before this role, he was the Managing Director of Liberty Primary Steel, overseeing Whyalla Integrated Steelworks’ operations, a segment of the GFG Alliance. He assumed this role prior to GFG's acquisition of the Arrium business in 2011.

Joining Arrium in 2006 as a steel production manager, Theuns brought extensive experience from his time at Arcelor Mittal South Africa. There, he accumulated 20 years of experience, holding various senior positions in different integrated steel plants. His achievements include being part of the team that designed, constructed, and commissioned the Saldanha Greenfield Integrated Steel Plant on South Africa’s west coast.